Replay – Innovation to support supply chain performance

By 20 July 2020Events
Digital SITL: the international transport and logistics exhibition in 100% digital format

From 23 to 26 June 2020, a 100% digital version of the SITL 2020 was held. In the sanitary context of this first half of 2020, the SITL could not take place in its usual conditions. In order to preserve a moment of meetings and exchanges between the stakeholders of transport and logistics, a 100% online version was organised giving rise to meetings, virtual tours and webinars.

More than 5,100 people took part in this digital edition, with 77 speakers and nearly 500 business meetings.

Conference - Innovation at the service of the Supply Chain

Jean-Yves Costa, Eyesee Program Director at Hardis Group, took part in a round table discussion on drones and autonomous vehicles for the supply chain. In this context, our client Log’s through Adrien Gislain, its Project and Innovation Manager, came back on its use of Hardis Group’s Eyesee drone inventory solution.

Managing people, increasing productivity and agility in a context disturbed by the Covid19 pandemic, so many challenges taken up by technological innovations.

In this video:

  • The different uses of security, inventory and delivery drones and other autonomous vehicles
  • Presentation of the solutions and their applications, including the Eyesee drone inventory solution
  • Testimonials and customer feedback, including Eyesee’s Customer Logs
Watch the replay! (in French only)