Hardis Group has worked in partnership with aviation and logistics experts from the outset of the project in a bid to develop a reliable and effective solution to the current challenges of logistics providers.

Co-innovation with our partner and client FM LOGISTIC

Our partner and client FM Logistic is an international leader in warehousing, transport and packaging.

The company was brought on board in order to test the solution in the real-life environment of warehouses.

The partnership with FM Logistic has two goals for the Eyesee project:

  • Confirm the feasibility of the solution in the real-life setting of a warehouse
  • Measure the real-life benefits in productivity, safety and quality.

The aim of FM Logistic’s innovation initiative is to use technology to help operations and our customers. To achieve this, we are working with Hardis on the operational pilot phase of Eyesee to make it a safe, user-friendly tool which delivers business functionality with an economic business case.

Patrick BellartFM Logistic