Quickly, at the beginning of the project, Hardis Group had to make partnerships with aeronautics and logistics experts to design a reliable and efficient solution.

A co-construction approach with our client and partner FM Logistic

Worldwide leader of storage, transportation and conditioning industry,
FM Logistic has been associated to the project to test Eyesee, the inventory drone solution, in real milieu, in warehouses.

Our partnership with FM Logistic has a double aim for the project:

  • Confirm the reliability of the solution in a real milieu of warehouses
  • Mesure the actual profit in terms of productivity, security and quality

The FM Logistic innovation process aims to put technology at the service of operations and customers. Thus, we start with Hardis Group Eyesee operational pilot phase in order to do an operational, ergonomic, secure tool, delivering an economic business case function.

Patrick BellartFM Logistic