Every day, Hardis Group experts improve its inventory drone solution, Eyesee. Thanks to your questions and remarks, our R&D team works hard to meet your needs.
The questions below are frequently asked. Have a look to know more.

How long does the battery life of the drone last ?

The drone battery life is around 20 minutes and needs 50 minutes to charge.

Do the employees need a training ?

No pilot needed. Since the drone is autonomous, it manages its mission by itself. Only a quick training is necessary to use the tablet application.

Which rules codify the indoor drones flies ?

The drone is flying in a private area, covered by a roof. Thus, it is not subjected to the DGAC law concerning the professional use of drone.

Is the drone compatible with all WMS on the market?

Yes. The inventory drone solution Eyesee has been designed to be compatible with any warehouse management systems.

Do the inventories executed with the drone are legal?

Thanks to the pictures storage, inventories executed with Eyesee are in accordance with the law.

Do the networks around could be disturbed during the inventories?

Eyesee does not disturb the networks near it, since it uses its own wifi band as well as the application.