Optimize your inventory process

The Eyesee inventory drone solution was designed and created by Hardis Group logistics experts to make warehouse inventory operations easier. The solution comprises an autonomous drone, a tablet application for controlling the drone and a suite of Cloud applications for mapping, data processing, reporting and drone fleet management. 

A quick ROI

It takes the Eyesee drone less than ten seconds to scan a location, compared with at least 90 seconds for another inventory solution. Eyesee is designed to facilitate the inventory process,  enabling you to:

  • Improve safety when counting inventory
  • Make tasks less laborious
  • Automate inventory tasks
  • Avoid interrupting operations
  • Reduce material resources and their occupancy rate
  • Enrich inventory tasks and optimize human resources
  • Automatically integrate data into the WMS

Automatic mission execution

Technical characteristics

Eyesee is compatible with all WMS and ERP solutions on the market and can read all types of barcode. Our expertise in the supply chain, artificial intelligence, data processing and indoor geolocation ensures the reliability of the solution.

Safety system 

  • Pre-take-off automatic safety system check
  • 360° anti-collisionsensors
  • Approaching-object detector
  • Drone lands if a problem is detected

Using artificial intelligence and visual recognition in warehouses

Thanks to the drone’s built-in camera and the Vision Insights powered by Xi IoT visual recognition application developed by Hardis Group, we can detect the following:

  • The pallet and its color
  • Damaged packages by analyzing breaks in vertical line
  • The fill rate and height of pallets

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and image processing technologies enable us to process and display data in real time or subsequently, and to make predictions.