Optimize your inventory process

Eyesee is a drone solution designed to automate inventory-taking and inventory control in warehouses. Hardis Group and its experts designed a complete solution comprising an autonomous drone, a tablet app to manage the drone and a package of numerous Cloud applications. These apps allow you to manage mapping, data processing, reporting, the fleet of drones…

A quick ROI

Eyesee drone needs less than 10 seconds to scan a location when another solution needs at least 90 seconds. Eyesee has been designed to facilitate the inventory process. Thanks to Eyesee, you can :

  • Improve security
  • Reduce hardship
  • Automatize inventories
  • Keep a non-stop activity
  • Reduce material resources and their occupation rates
  • Add value to inventory tasks and optimize human resources
  • Get an automatic data flow to the WMS

Automatic mission execution

Technicals features

Eyesee is compatible with all WMS and ERP and is able to read all bare-code types. Our expertises in terms of supply chain solution, artificial intelligence, data processing and indoor geolocalisation assure you a liable and effective solution.