Eyesee, an inventory drone solution

Eyesee is the only full autonomous drone to realize inventory in warehouses. After three years of research and development, in collaboration with Squadrone and FM Logistics, the first prototype is ready for beta-tests.
Earlier this year, Eyesee had been rewarded during the CES Las Vegas and the CES Asia.

Eyesee, a supply chain solution

Eyesee is a drone solution designed to automate inventory-taking and inventory control in warehouses. Hardis Group, the Eyesee software publisher teamed up with Squadrone System to develop a fully assisted indoor drone, and international warehousing, transport and packaging leader FM Logistic to test the solution in real-life conditions in its warehouses. As CES Honoree 2018, Eyesee team will be present to the CES Las Vegas in january.



Benefits of the solution

1 operator, 1 drone, 1 tablet

*5 drone operators & 5 managers to organize the inventory

Rapid ROI
Easy to use
Requires fewer human and material resources
Increases productivity
Improve inventory accuracy

FM Logistic says

FM logistic“The aim of FM Logistic’s innovation initiative is to use technology to help operations and our customers. To achieve this, we are working with Hardis Group on the operational pilot phase of Eyesee to make it a safe, user-friendly tool which delivers business functionality with an economic business case.”
Patrick Bellart – FM Logistic

Technical characteristics

Drone Dimensions

360° anti-collision sensor + approaching object detector

3 sensors on each movement axis

Data acquisition
Zebra imager

Software Characteristics



On-board autopilot software


drone 1

Eyesee Android mobile mission performance application


cloud_saas_0Eyesee back office application (compatible with all WMS and ERP)




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